AALTO’s Boundless Cuisine doesn’t need geographical or stylistic references: it is a creative approach in which ingredients, techniques, recipes and cultural references remind of an interconnected and global world, limitless  in space or time.

Boundless Cuisine is not based on hybridization, because it has no belonging and no origins; neither is fusion because it has no homeland: it comes from a potential infinite heritage of knowledge, techniques, references that make it new and constantly evolving.



“My cuisine is not fusion, but plays between different cultures.”
Takeshi Iwai

A style that starts from his Japanese origins, clear in its aesthetics and techniques, but intertwined with important principles of Italian cuisine, the country that has adopted him, but also inspirations captured during his travels around the world, avid readings and daily exchange of opinions and experiences with the brigade. A rigorous cuisine jumping between different cultures, finding a balance between technique, precision and research. In its being simple, fresh, and elegant, without ostentation. And yet always boundless, extremely boundless.

A white canvas

“I like to experiment and offer the guests ever changing dishes, because amazement and surprise are as fundamental as raw materials.”
Takeshi Iwai

The chef creates matches and combinations in accordance with his inspirations, like a freehand drawing on a white canvas.

Imagination and fun are central elements of AALTO’s culinary experience. Like an illusionist, the chef overturn expectations, because nothing is what it appears to be. Many recipes are conceived to be completed by the guests, giving them full freedom, in accordance with their preferences.