“AALTO cuisine is boundless, free from any definition or prescribed models. Free to be Italian, Japanese, both or neither. Not tracing borders expresses the possibility to crossing them.”
Claudio Liu, founder

The freedom of AALTO comes from its protagonists. Claudio Liu, already at the helm of IYO – the only Michelin-starred contemporary Japanese restaurant in Italy – has chosen chef Takeshi Iwai for his new location. Both interpret their craft without prejudice: of style, geography, concept. Both pursue a creative, open, contemporary cuisine.


“My cuisine is not fusion, but plays between different cultures.”
Takeshi Iwai, chef

A style that starts from the origins of his Japan, clear in its aesthetics and techniques (fermentation, cooking with charcoal or sumibiyaki), but intertwined with important principles of Italian cuisine, the country that has adopted him but also inspirations captured during his so many travels around the world. A rigorous cuisine jumping between different worlds, and strongly anchored to seasonality and sustainability. In its being simple, fresh, and elegant, without ostentation. And yet always boundless, extremely boundless.


The harmony between aromas and flavors is the basis of AALTO cuisine. First comes the raw material. Chef Takeshi Iwai creates his dishes starting from nature, through the continuous research for innovative and surprising ingredients. Then comes the idea on the execution, aiming at new and intense combinations. A multi-sensory journey, with perfume and taste as the overwhelming foundations of each dish.